Galveston Mermaid Series, Peg

Exhibition / Oils / Prints available / Sold

24” x 36”

oils on birch panel, one of six

Galveston Texas is a unique sandbar island with a surreal twist to it. I’m deeply in love with the place, and in the first year of having the studio I wanted to create a series of panels that were my version of “island art”. It’s not uncommon here to see breathtaking works of pelicans or marshlands available here but I wanted something more personal.  The beach at the sea wall has always and still is magical to me, especially at sunrise and sunset…but it’s more than that. Inside me is a 14 year old girl who wants to believe the possibility of mermaids can exist…and if they did exist, they would exist here…and if they did exist here they wouldn’t be like what’s imagined in Disney films…but instead would be beautiful in this way: sassy, and likely to spit or bite.