The new batch of boards!

February 8, 2018
Posted in In Progress
February 8, 2018 Elizabeth Punches

This past week i’ve been doing a series of live video to the facebook page, to see how it would go. I’m trying to show parts of the process of the construction and preparation of the boards, prior to painting.

I currently have eight commissions jobs on the boards. With three waiting in the wings. They are all very different, and the variety is exciting. If I’m very honest, this is exactly how I hoped it would be like.  There’s times of feast and famine in this.


🙂 I feel fairly confident i can keep these in production order. Each have contracts and are in the production part of the studio, and started in terms of the boards and several other factors. Once i get the mock ups done and the remaining grounds ordered, it will go much smoother. At that point i will divide the week up in sections like classes in school. There may be other ways to do it, but this is what works best for me in order to be able to pay full attention to each job.

In earnest, Im absolutely happy. It forces me to organize routines and I usually do my best work when I have it lined out to the T and juggling.

Ive paid for the brochure ad with the GAC, and Ive an auction to host March 3rd. I have ONE piece I definitely would like to get into the auction, and i need several more small ones to prep.

the next Artwalk is March 3rd…..

ill do a post tomorrow projecting for the first of the week, and a recap sat night live on Facebook.